FRANKE flagship store

This shop project designed with our new design concept developed for all of the Asian shops of the brand. In our concept we got inspiration from the brand quality of materials and construction typical of Swiss products, matching the different needs and the different taste of Chinese and Asian customers.  The general look of the design, almost monochromatic, is the perfect background for the different series of the brand products that can express easily their single philosophy, but is not to consider just a simple composition of different grey colors. The design of every single detail, both in materials connections and lighting system, allowed us to create the perfect atmosphere to show the products and to express the brand identity at the same time. A very important elements of the design are the black hollows in the ceiling because we designed that elements to transform a functional element (that include general illumination downlight, product spotlights and AC system) into part of the design features.

Dimension: 175 sqm
Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China