CARLO BADALASSI booth for Lineapelle fair

The design idea of this project is to translate the brand identity of the company into a concrete space. According with the company all the design is made to emphatize the ancient tecnique of the vegetable tannery in which the company is one of the maximum expert in the world. We decided to use solid wood, not common choiche for a temporary space, to let visitors smell and feel the base material of the vegetale tannery and enter in the company world. The lighting walls, both in the common area and in the private office, together with the black ceiling emphatize the “art gallery effect” that is the perfect way to exhibit products.

SECCO bar and restaurant

First of a chain shop restaurant based on Italian Prosecco wine. The design was developed creating different elements easy to be replicated in diffirent spaces. Our design starts from the brand logo design until the study and definition of all the project details.

Dimension: 100 sqm
Location: Pistoia, Italy

FRANKE flagship store

This shop project designed with our new design concept developed for all of the Asian shops of the brand. In our concept we got inspiration from the brand quality of materials and construction typical of Swiss products, matching the different needs and the different taste of Chinese and Asian customers.  The general look of the design, almost monochromatic, is the perfect background for the different series of the brand products that can express easily their single philosophy, but is not to consider just a simple composition of different grey colors. The design of every single detail, both in materials connections and lighting system, allowed us to create the perfect atmosphere to show the products and to express the brand identity at the same time. A very important elements of the design are the black hollows in the ceiling because we designed that elements to transform a functional element (that include general illumination downlight, product spotlights and AC system) into part of the design features.

Dimension: 175 sqm
Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China


CASA MULTI luxury department store

Working with this kind of companies all together is absolutely important to create the perfect background for different products and styles in the same space. In our design proposal you no have different shops in one space, but one space with different shops. Visitors can walk through a fluid and open space discovering different corners and different products and can get a coffee sitting on a sofa and looking at the products like in a museum. Every details and every materials are designed to give to the space a luxury appeal with attention to the international design trends and, most of all, to become the perfect background to a so large variety of products and brands.

Dimension: 1.500 sqm
Location: Changsha, Hunan Province, China

Franke booth at Design Shanghai 2018

The design is based on the innovative concept of “fluid kitchen” in which every different areas go through another one. Office corner, coffee area, products exhibition are connected together in an endless space made by a sequence of bronze pillars.

Spleg bags shop

Maybe our smallest project in which we tried to give the best brand identity to this new and young Chinese leather and bags brand. All the design idea is related to the use of curtain that cover all the walls of the space and create, together with the use of a custom made illumination elements,  a fashionable final effect.

CARBON lighting series for Maglung

Series of LED lamps developed starting from one single “modulo”. The modulo was inspired by carbon molecule shape.

PIN tableware series for Hands On Design

An iconic and extremely simple tableware series made in porcelain by Japanese company 224_porcelain. The series is part on Hands of Design collective collection.

Intapell company showroom

A space in which materials exhibited must be the main focus point of all the design concept. We decided to work with few materials and colors creating a neutral, but stylish, background to the leathers.

LIBERA bookcase for Pezzani

Series of bookcase thta can be use freely with or without wood containers. The metal structure is available in different finishes ans create everytime different effects.